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Telehealth Sessions

Most of our clinicians offer the option of telehealth services to clients via either telephone sessions or secure, encrypted video conferencing (i.e., zoom).  Our experience has been that most clients have found virtual sessions to be helpful and uncomplicated, even when there has been no prior experience with the technology.  Many have also described the comfort and convenience of being able to have sessions from their own homes.


How it Works:


Telehealth has the same purpose or intention as therapy sessions that are conducted in-person.  For video sessions, your clinician will send you a link to join the video session. Once you click the link, you will enter your clinician’s virtual waiting room until your therapist starts the session. You will be able to see and hear each other, as long as your cameras and microphones are turned on.  For phone sessions, your therapist will call you at your scheduled session time.

For video sessions, you will need a compatible computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access and audio and webcam ability. You will also need access to a phone in case of internet disconnection or technological interruptions during video sessions. There is a risk that services could be disrupted or distorted by unforeseen technical problems. Please provide feedback to your therapist should you find the quality insufficient for your needs.

To minimize the risk of being overheard by anyone near you, we recommend placing yourself in a private room and using headphones, if possible. Your therapist will conduct the session from a private, secure space to prevent the risk of sound transfer.

If your therapist determines that telehealth sessions are not appropriate for your case, you will be offered an in-person appointment (if possible) at another time or be provided with referral information to other services.

Due to licensing requirements, you must be physically located in Nova Scotia during your virtual session. Virtual sessions are also available to clients located in PEI, New Brunswick, and Nfld, but you must notify your therapist of your location when booking the appointment. Dr. Shannon Bedford is also licensed in Ontario and can therefore provide virtual sessions to clients located in Ontario.

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