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Shaindl Diamond, Ph.D., Psychologist

Dr. Shaindl Diamond is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 15 years of experience working in health, university, and community settings.


She uses an integrative, compassionate, and flexible approach that is tailored to the unique person.  Dr. Diamond has a background in various evidence-based psychotherapy approaches, including emotion-focused therapy, EMDR, somatic psychology, internal family systems, cognitive-behavioural therapy, and mindfulness-based therapies.

Her professional and personal experiences have provided her with the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds and life circumstances, and her work is informed by an understanding of how context, trauma, and oppression shape identity, worldview, and experience.

She enjoys working with adults of all ages from various cultural backgrounds and with diverse gender and sexual orientation/identities.

Dr. Diamond works collaboratively with individuals in an open and safe way, to support them in exploring challenges and learning strategies to help them make lasting changes in line with their personal goals and aspirations.

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