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WPath Assessments


We are dedicated to creating a safe space for gender diverse clients. For trans health readiness assessments, you can meet with one of our WPATH trained clinicians. The assessment typically takes 1 to 3 sessions. During the assessment, you may be asked questions about your journey to affirming your gender identity, your mental and medical health history, what supports you have in place, and what medically transitioning may look like for you. By no means are we looking for a particular narrative, as we recognize that there is no “correct way” to transition. At the end of the assessment, the clinician will assess your readiness and you will be provided a letter for masculinizing or feminizing hormone therapy, or any top or bottom surgery you are looking to complete. To learn more about trans health hormone readiness assessments, please click here to read through prideHealth’s overview. You can click here to learn what gender affirming surgeries MSI will cover. If you have any further questions about the assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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