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Psychodiagnostic Assessments

Our psychologists are well-trained in psychodiagnostic assessments.  You may request an assessment for a number of reasons. For example, you may need clarification on whether you meet criteria for one or more psychiatric disorders; or you may be interested in learning more about your personality traits and styles. Psychodiagnostic assessments can be very useful in informing treatment recommendations and can be completed either in tandem with therapy or as a stand alone assessment.  

You can expect to attend two to three 50-minute sessions in which you will be asked questions about your mental and physical health history, your family's mental and physical health history, and current symptoms. You will also complete a number of self-report questionnaires and will then be offered a feedback session in which there will be a review of diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. If requested, your psychologist can prepare a detailed report or brief letter reviewing the results of the assessment.  


For more information and a detailed list of fees, please contact us. 


Please note that we do not offer legal, cognitive, learning disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, or vocational assessments. We also do not provide independent psychological evaluations (IME's) requested by third party payers or assessments evaluating work-related disability, with the exception of assessments requested by Veterans Affairs Canada.

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